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Mommy Mommy

Welcome To Mommy-Mommy!
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Welcome To Mommy-Mommy! Here you'll find all sorts of great information about your pregnancy, as well as your newborn baby. If you're looking to find some relief from all those pregnancy "discomforts", simply click on "Pregnancy Relief".

 If you have already had your baby, I know you're going to find "New Baby Tips" very useful. It has a lot of great advice about feeding, sleeping, imunizing and socializing your baby.

If you're having trouble breastfeeding, or if you want to start preparing yourself to breastfeed, or even if you have questions about what you can and can't do while you breastfeed check out our "Breadfeeding" section.

Our "Pregnancy Exercising" section has a lot of great information on excercising throughout your 3 trimesters. If you've ever wondered how much exercise you should (or shouldn't) be doing, or what kind of exercise may be harmful to your baby, be sure to check this section out.

We have a lot more features and sections in the works, so keep coming back to see what's new at Mommy-Mommy!

Can I Still Get Pregnant While Iím Breastfeeding?
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Nature can protect you from becoming pregnant when you are breastfeeding, although using this as a method of birth control is not advised. This is due to an inborn mechanism that protects breastfeeding mothers from becoming pregnant before their baby is old enough to fully survive. Your hormones are stimulated by breastfeeding and milk production.

Foods You Need To Avoid While Pregnant
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When you're pregnant, it's important to avoid certain foods that pose a risk to your baby. These foods either contain bacteria that is harmful to your baby, or pollutants that could negatively affect your baby. Four of the more common risks include listeria, salmonella, methyl mercury and E. Coli.


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