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You hear the word model and you think lots of money, right?  The fact is that baby modeling may not be one of the most profitable avenues for you.  In fact, many parents find it not worth the cost.  But, then again, that’s not why they do it either.  On top of this, every single child will have the potential to make a different amount of money.  While there are usually some guidelines available, it is also true that you can risk it all and earn next to nothing.  With that in mind, consider baby modeling for more than just the money.

What To Expect

Once you have been signed with a baby modeling agency, the next step is to wait for the “go and see” opportunities that arrive.  In short, these are auditions that are meant to give you the ability to introduce your child to the client, perhaps with the benefit of being hired by them.  There is no doubt that most that apply for this opportunity will be told that their child does not have the look or the personality that they are looking for.  In some cases, you will be the perfect child, but that’s what the other 100 or so moms and babies are hoping for as well.  Rejection can be a huge part of the process.

But, if you land a few opportunities and work with clients, you will also see that there is a great difference in the payments that are provided to you.  Since child labor laws only allow your child to work a maximum of 2 hours per day, they can’t earn more than what those two hours can pay them per day.  Some companies and photo shoots are worth much more than others.  Some will pay just $50 an hour while others can be well into the thousands, depending on what the child’s and the company’s needs are.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming, though, that your child can work two hours per day and make a decent living off of it.  That’s not the case.  Unfortunately, most children that do baby modeling will get one to two opportunities, if they are lucky with good paying agents every few weeks.  Sometimes, it can be several times per week.  Other times, you may not get anything for weeks at a time.  In other words, you may not get rich off baby modeling even though the word modeling is part of that sentence!

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