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First Of All, What Is Thrush?

Candidiasis is a microsopic fungus that lives in the intestinal tract of both men and women. It is only a problem when its numbers outgrow competing bacteria. Thrush is also known as a yeast infection.

Why You Might Get Thrush/Yeast Infections:

During pregnancy, the vagina is rich in something called glycogen, something the bacteria candidiasis feeds off of. This makes thrush ten times more likely during pregnancy. In addition, certain prescription drugs may offset the balance of natural organisms in the body.

Oral Thrush

Thrush is not limited to the vagina, it can also crop up in the mouth and throat. It is typically seen as creamy white patches or small red pock marks on the tongue, roof of the mouth, gums, or throat. If you have Thrush, you'll also find it very painful to swallow. If you suspect that you have oral Thrush, let your doctor know, he/she will let you know if there's anything they can prescribe to clear it up.

Symptoms Of Thrush/Yeast Infections

Increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy
Thick, white, creamy or cottage cheese-like discharge from vagina
Itching/Burning in your vaginal area

Treating Thrush/Yeast Infections

If you think you might have thrush, let your doctor know. Your doctor might prescribe something that is safe to use during pregnancy. Although, if you experience thrush within your first three months of pregnancy your doctor will most likely prescribe nothing, in which case you might want to turn to a herbal remedy.

Natural Remedies For Thrush/Yeast Infections

Because thrush is caused by bacteria, the growth of that bacteria can be controlled through your diet. Many women find that eating plain yoguart will help both treat and prevent a yeast infection.

You may wish to use a douche and cleanse yourself with tea tree oil diluted with water. Plenty of vitamin C is also important so that your own immune system is strong enough to fight off the bacteria. Cranberries/cranberry juice and garlic can also boost your immune system. Here are some other things you may want to try:

Try wearing cotton underpants and pantyhose. This will help you "breathe" better down there.
It's important to keep the area dry. Candida albicans love warm, moist areas.
Try to eat a diet high in grains, vegetables and protein. It's important to avoid eating processed foods, and things with a lot of sugar or alcohol.

Will Thrush/Yeast Infections Harm My Baby?

No. Thrush/yeast infections won't hurt your baby. There is a chance that if you have infection during your labor, your baby may catch it as he/she passes through the birth canal (resulting in your baby developing oral thrush). But even if that happens, don't worry, thrush in newborns isn't serious and it's easily treated. So no worries there!

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